When 30 is on the horizon … skin care is on my mind

I am, by no stretch of the imagination claiming to be a beauty expert or beauty blogger, In Fact I am currently questioning this blog and why I am writing it

The answer I think is simple…2018 is the year I turn 30! Not that being 30 is a bad thing, i’m not at all old, and I am actually looking forward to the final year in my 20’s and seeing what the big 30 holds for me. One thing I do know is that I would like my time in my thirties to be fun and spent with the people I love most, I also know that the second thing I would like would be to keep is my skin looking good. I am fortunate that I have good genetics. My beautiful nanny passed away in her 90s and she hardly had a wrinkle and all the ladies in my family seem to be on that trend so I am thankful for good genes! however, I know I cannot live on good genes alone.

I have started using a new skin care regimen and have been working hard to keep it up. I am in no way perfect with it and still have the odd night I forget to do my hot cloth cleanser! But what would life be without a little rebellion every now and then?



The Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser from Soap and Glory £10 from Boots

I have put together a little list of the things I use for my face, why I use them and why I love them! I feel like a terrible person writing this next line but… This post is neither a gifted, an ad or a sponsored post… ( what a time to be alive…) I do genuinely love all these products and the reality is I am just a millennial, standing in front of a mirror, in a face mask hoping I don’t get old before my time.
The first thing I had to learn in regards to my skin was what type it was. For a very long time I believed myself to have normal skin, it wasnt dry or greasy it was pretty average, very  normal and I treated it as such. I would get breakouts every now and then and some sore spots on my cheeks which were more like cysts than the usual pimple, I will say I was always lucky and never suffered with acne or skin that was really troublesome. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago, I was in Boots and got talking to the girl at the number 7 counter about foundations the store was quiet and I ended up chatting to her for a while about foundations, she sat me down to give me a mini makeover and when she was taking my makeup off she mentioned that I have combination skin…. Combination skin? She went on to explain that I had dryness in my cheeks and was oily around my forehead and under my eyes at the tops of my cheeks, After a little research Into my skin I was able to start using products that have really been helping it … Not without some trial and error I will say, I once tried a charcoal mask for combination skin and ended up with a bright red face with lots of spots, never again!


My morning routine

Each morning I start with a hot cloth cleanse. I have been using the Ultimelt by Soap and Glory, I do love the Soap and Glory products and do use another few in my daily routine. I have found the cleanse really refreshing for my skin. It is a little odd thought as it doesn’t lather up, it is a cream and you just rub your face for a few minutes and massage it in before washing it off with a hot muslin cloth. Since using it I have found my skin cleaner, my makeup is sitting better and I do feel my skin to be softer and less breakouts!


My morning routine ranging from £6 to £16 from Boots ( I always shop in Boots!)

Next on my morning list is my moisturising, I have always likes moisturising as I like the way it makes my skin feel, since adding some new cleansing into my routine. I also decided a few weeks ago to add a serum into the mix. I have been using the make yourself youthful rejuvenating serum from Soap and Glory, Again I am a big fan of the brand and this serum seemed to be very well rated so I decided to give it a go. It really has been a great addition to my skin care and I really do love it. I usually use 2-3 pumps of it after my hot cloth cleanse and let it sink into my skin, it is so silky and does soak really well into my skin. I feel a serum of any sort can only be a positive addition to your routine!

On Top of that I use my Garnier skinactive ultra lift day cream. I have used Garnier creams for a while now and I really do like the way they work on my skin, they absorb well and the scent is one I just adore, it is not heavily perfumed but it just smells fresh and I have found for my skin it helps keep it hydrated all day long. I also use their eye cream, This is mainly because last year I found a wrinkle between my eyebrows and in a panic I decided I needed to use eye cream! It’s the ultralift eye contour cream and again It has been doing the trick and Neil actually said my wrinkle is hardly noticeable…  Laura 1 – Wrinkle 0

I have also a times been using the Bright and pearly radiance boosting cocktail by Soap and Glory. I generally use it if I am going somewhere but not putting any makeup on ( obviously I put on some eyebrows and mascara as I just look odd otherwise!) I have found it gives me just that little extra glow and makes me feel a little less pale when going makeup free.



My night time routine ranges from £6 to £19.99 from Boots and Clarins (in Boots)

My night time routine is very similar to the morning however with a few tweaks. I use the hot cloth cleanser, serum and eye cream as I do each morning, I then have the Garnier night cream which is much thicker than the day cream but still as fabulous. I have also added in a new lip balm at night. I was recommended to try the Clarins Moisture replenishing lip balm and I got it a while ago. I found it to be very thick and not something I would use through the day so I have been using it on going to bed, I find the winter especially treacherous on the lips and this has been helping me keep them moisturised soft and supple. I also use the lush lip scrubs at night before bed, I am currently using my sugar plum fairy but I also love the bubble gum. I find they remove any dry skin from your lips and help the lip balm do its work overnight


Amazing from lush comes in at £5.95 but lasts forever and well worth it!

I have a few other little things that I use throughout the week to help my skin

The first is the Body shop’s vitamin C glow revealing liquid peel. The peel was an instagram sensation in late summer and I had to try it to see what all the fuss was about, I do like it and I have found it has really been helpful for my skin however I do not find it is a product I can use every day as It was a little harsh on my skin leaving it a little tender. I now use it once or twice a week and It always leaves my skin with a beautiful glow


From the body shop coming in at £18 ( not available in Boots)

Next is the St Ives apricot scrub. I have been using this scrub for about 10 year now. I use the blemish control scrub and it has a high exfoliation factor, thus why I don’t use it every day, I do tend to use it and the vitamin C peel together as I found the peel needs to be scrubbed off really well otherwise it clumps a little on my skin, I haven’t heard anyone else say that about it so maybe it’s just me, but it works well in my routine.


My oldest skin friend £4.20 in Boots ( What? They have points!)

Finally I like to use a face mask once or twice a week. My main choices are the Himalayan charcoal purifying mask from the Body shop. It again was a massive instagram hit in late 2017 so naturally I jumped on the bandwagon, I find it is very highly scented but Its pleasant to use and really does make my skin feel deep cleansed so definitely worth the hype. The other masks I like to use are the Garnier moisture bomb tissue masks, I really find these amazing for my skin and I always feel like it has been well moisturised after I take it off, Like a big drink for your face!

Again from Boots, usually £2.99 but they often have them on offer for £1 and I stock up!

I definitely feel since looking at the products I use and adding some new ones into my routine my skin really has improved. None of the products I use are super expensive, I do feel it is important to buy products within your price range and use things you can afford if needed regularly. I had toyed with the idea of treating myself to an expensive serum at £70, in reality can I afford to treat myself to it every 8 weeks or so… the answer is probably no. It’s important to spend what you can afford and do your best with that you have, drink water, don’t get too caught up with the online glamour and the expensive products everyone else uses. If you don’t know your skin type find out, try until you find what you love and remember to love your skin, after all you wear it every day.


Love Laura

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