For the love of Hygge

Autumn is my favorite time of year, the darkening nights, cold morning and the coming of winter weather make me soul shine. The act of putting away my summer clothes ( not that we have had much of a summer this year in Northern Ireland!) is a ritual in which I revel in each year. Putting away the dresses and skirts and getting out my coats, hats and winter knitwear for the season ahead always brings a glow to my heart.


Pumpkin spiced hot chocolate

The leaves start to fall, the crispness returns to the air and the celebrations of autumn and winter begin, Halloween to christmas and new year I love it all! The Fireworks and candles, the food and drinks, the family time and that time spent alone, cosy on the sofa with a cup of homemade hot chocolate and a good book


Stew with wheaten bread and butter to warm your heart on  a cold autumn day

As the years have gone by I have developed a love of all things autumnal and winter. I have embraced the Hygge way of living and have truly fallen in love with that feeling of home, coziness and just being, that feeling of making time for people, having nights in with friends and family and creating the memories of our beautiful life.


A must read to help understand the Hygge philosophy and how to make it a way of life

Hygge is not a thing I can describe it is a feeling That I get, it is being relaxed, calm and just taking yourself out of the stresses of daily living to enjoy the simple things with my family and also learning to enjoy your own company. I have really loved the feeling of allowing myself to just be. I have read so many things recently about Hygge, things being advertised as Hygge foods and Hygge homewear … But that’s not what it’s all about. Yes having blankets and cushions, candles and foods that give you a sense of calm and that feeling of home are amazing, but the true essence of it is learning to enjoy the simplicity of life, to enjoy the small things and to take that one little moment whether it is charming, special, ordinary or completely extraordinary and holding that feeling in your heart.

That cold autumn day when the world just seems beauiful.. appriciate the small stuff

I read a quote recently that said “What a wonderful thought it is, That some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet” and isn’t it just a wonderful thought.


A little garden of frost ontop of my car, such beauty in nature.

Over the past 4 years I have been working to make my own personal hot chocolate recipe, it is an indulgence I adore in the cold bleak midwinter. It is bliss, a hot chocolate, snuggled up on the sofa watching films with Neil. I have really taken pride in making my own hot chocolate and I love serving it with some cream, marshmallows and little gingerbread men on top … lip smackingly good. I also have a real love of coffee and as winter comes in I love finding new places for a coffee with the ones I love.



Christmas hot chocolate with mashmallows, cream and gingerbread men … such bliss

I always find myself being so much more social at winter, going to more events, shows, nights out and having so much fun with our friend and family. We have a lot of family events in autumn and winter so we always end up doing so many cute and quirky things, like visiting winter markets, whe have lots of shopping days, we go to see more shows (the lyric always puts on an amazing christmas show!) and the expectaions of the wonderful adventures that await us make my heart so completely jolly with the spirit of the season I could burst with happiness.



The colder evenings seem to bring out the beauty in everything

I think is one of the times of year when you just have to get into the spirit and let yourself enjoy the sights sounds and smells, throw on a hat, some ear muffs, your cutest coat and away let the adventures begin. I love nothing better than a cold crisp sunny winters day, it is the type of day when you can wrap up warm and go outside and just see where the day takes you.


Autumn walks with the people you love most in the world

I have developed a little bit of an obsession with jumpers recently and have found so many pretty jumpers both new and vintage to add to my winter collection. I wouldn’t claim in any way to be a fashion blogger but there are some beautiful jumpers out there this year and I cannot wait to add some more of them to my winter collection! Clothes are such a big part of winter and they can make you feel a warmth to the depths of your soul, a happiness and contentment from being cosy in the cold winter days.


My favourite jumper, Betty on the front Barney on the back

So as autumn goes on and we are ever closer to winter I love to think that the passing of time is growth for us all, we embrace the cold and passing of the seasons and the changing of us all, it can only mean that new adventures await us


Love Laura xx

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