Life isn’t perfect, but a picture can be

Trying to be the perfect person is just perfectly impossible, working anywhere from 48 to 60 hours each week I have sometimes found it hard to balance work, home, family, friends, health and everything that comes along with this little thing we call life


A picture can really say whatever you want it to… truth be told we were in the shade and I didn’t need sunglasses but who doesn’t love a good sunglasses shot?

Don’t get me wrong I love my life and all its little imperfections. I used to look at other people and wonder how they had it all so together and wondered why they were just so much better at adulting than I was! I would look at girls on Instagram With their perfect family, home, makeup, food and their wonderful idea of this idyllic life that everyone wished they could live.


This is My favourite view, for no specific reason. It just makes me happy.

A few weeks ago I was told by a beautiful friend of mine that My Instagram makes her happy and that she just wished that Her life was as amazing as mine was, a comment which I was very taken aback by, it got me to thinking about the bigger picture of social media but more specifically Instagram. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I also think that there are a thousand more things that a picture just can’t say.  The prime example I used to Neil last week, when I was mulling over this Blog idea was  that If I were taking a picture of a cake I have made, I wipe down the surface and get a nice cake stand out, a pretty cup and some nice napkins and snap a picture and it’s perfect to post. Behind the camera however is there me with no makeup on, likely still in my pyjamas, standing beside a sink full of dishes and a pile of ironing  in the background that seems to have taken a sudden growth spurt. A picture says so little about the reality of life, it is one frame, in one second and when I have thought about it a picture can really say whatever you want it to.


Waffles… that I had some left over batter for so I made a third one to photograph… Nothing weird about that? right? (Neil didn’t get this one for his lunch the next day!)

I like to use my Instagram primarily as a scrapbook of my life, places I go, people I meet, the things I eat, use, buy and treasure in my life are on there. I have found myself looking at other people with a sense of jealousy thinking how beautiful their life is, their amazing home, the clothes they wear and their perfect makeuped faces each and every single day….  The reality is none of this comes for free, it isn’t easy, or always glamorous and takes time and effort…  but it can be so much fun, its satisfying, fulfilling and has given me so many opportunities in life that I never thought possible…  Is the social media life really worth the sacrifices? for some maybe not, But for me the time and effort I spend taking pictures and writing about the things I feel passionate about are some of the best moments of my week, putting those words and images out into the world for everyone to see it thrilling and when people connect with you and tell you their personal stories you connect with them on a different level.


When you find inspiration, passion and confidence in the simple act of instagramming.

The time I spend blogging or Instagramming is time for me, I find it is time in which I think outside the box, I can be creative and really be the person I want to be in my own life. I have in the past few years truly discovered how amazing life can be, I have found love in my Husband Neil, I have discovered a love of meditation and a love of the life that I have. I have taken some time to get the balance right between work, life and my online creativity. I will generally Instagram everything we do and I love taking time to look back at the life we share, as I say, it is our online scrap book.


The happiest of wee faces… I think I actually took about 15 photos of myself that day before I got the perfect Instagram, this wasn’t the one I used, but not all pictures have to be perfect to make you smile at the memory

There are sacrifices to it all, that every time we go out we have to stop for photos, I always just say we are enjoying the view (Taking a picture it lasts longer?)  sometimes by the time I have finished photographing my dinner it’s a bit cold and I have even been known to making a little extra so I can take a photograph after dinner is finished so I don’t need to worry about it being cold! then I give it to Neil for his lunch the next day… bad wife? Good Instagrammer? Who knows? But life is just a little bit more fun when we stop and take the time to appreciate the things we are doing.


One of those times when Neil was starving but I needed 25 different angles of this to post on Instagram, I love him but he had to wait!

I love being creative, and I like to share my creativity with the world. I do think there is a fine line between those who do it for the love of it and those who do it to make something out of it and I genuinely feel that If you do it because you think you will be rich, famous and get free stuff then you are in it for all the wrong reasons. I have heard of people buying Instagram followers and likes to make themselves more popular and as easy as I’m sure this is, it’s not real. I have a few hundred followers on Instagram that have clicked the follow button because they like what I post and I would rather have 500 organic followers than 5000 followers that I bought for £40.


When the simplest photos get the most likes ( also I cant edit photos so screenshot it is!)

The social media world can be a funny place. I have posted things in the past that no one has liked and then the most random mundane pictures get so many likes, I once posted a picture of a chicken breast and broccoli with some feta cheese and it had 482 likes in about 20 minutes… why ? I have no idea as It wasn’t even the best picture I have ever taken… I guess people like what they like.

I  do find that Instagram is a truly amazing group of people, they share stories, they are helpful and putting things out there can bring back some amazing responses and questions, people can be so lovely and helpful when you are just brave enough to put a question or idea out into the world, In saying that there are a fair few trolls out there who seem to think that committing mean and nasty things are appropriate on Instagram. Sometimes it takes a lot to put yourself out there, to tell people how you feel, to express times of sadness as well as joy and I have so much admiration for so many of my Instagram friends. You need to have a thick skin for sure and because Life isn’t always perfect you need to take the rough with the smooth. It’s comforting to know that a picture can be perfect, and if it makes you happy…why not? Some people drive fast cars, others jump out of planes, some watch endless episodes of Game of Thrones, others exercise to make themselves happy in life, but me? … I Instagram.


Love Laura x

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