Life is worthwhile, with a smile

” The secret to happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more,

but in developing the capacity to enjoy having less”

– Socrates


Did you know that smiling is good for you?


Wither the whole world is smiling with you or wither you are smiling to confuse people, a smile can bring about wonderful things, not just for you, but for those around you as well.


Having read into smiling ( as you do) it actually amazed me the benefits a smile can have. Scientific studies have shown that smiling when under pressure can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. It can help you remain calm and thus deal with a situation better, not just big situations even little ones. road rage, breaking your favourite cup, the rain comes on when you’ve just got your wash out on the line…. taking a deep breath and smiling through stress can have a massive impact on our overall well being. A smile will also release endorphins, the happy hormone, and when I think about it you get endorphins from exercise so…. smile and you won’t need to go to the gym!!… IF ONLY

According to scientific research smiling makes you more attractive to other  people and not in just a sexually attractive way, it makes you seem kinder, more approachable and friendly, it gives  you an air of easy goingness (not a word) and makes you seem empathetic to others, on top of that smiling is totally contagious and if you smile people are more likely to smile back at you.

I would be a very positive person and live my life mindfully and feeling at peace with the person I am, when I feel a little sad I usually put on some music and sing along or dance like no one is watching, even when they are! I love to smile and just take a big deep breath, think about what is upsetting or stressing me and just breath through it, look at my problem from an outside perspective, I always try to explain it like this… my problem is me standing in the middle of the traffic and I can’t see a way out of it, however if I take a minute and step back, imagine i’m standing on the grassy bank watching them from the outside and try to make sense of everything in my head, my thoughts, ideas and emotions and it always without fail helps me come to a decision or to see a solution to whats going on in my head.

But back to smiling! I also read an article about how smiling in work environment makes you seem more trustworthy and more approachable as a leader, plus they do say you should be nice to people on the way up, because you don’t know who you’ll meet on the way down

I always think its important to do thing that make you smile, buy that new bag or perfume, go for dinner, eat a chocolate bar, binge watch your fave show, live you life to the fullest! But just make sure you do it with a smile.

As a mental health nurse I also feel the need to say a smile can sometimes hide the true feelings underneath, a smile, despite its wondrous powers, won’t fix everything. Make sure you talk to people, don’t keep your feelings inside, share, talk and don’t let it all get on top of you, don’t use your smile as a plaster. remember to have one another’s backs and let your nearest and dearest know you’ve got them!


So remember to smile, visit your dentist every 6 months, look out for one another, make sure you tell people if they have lipstick or food in their teeth (in a nice way) and share your positivity and love with the world.


A smile can say so much more than words ever will

Love Laura x







2 Replies to “Life is worthwhile, with a smile”

  1. I love this Laura! It’s exactly what I needed to read today (and not just because smiling means you don’t need the gym 😉). “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”
    Gill x

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