Am I a Kindrovert?



I always have considered myself to be an extrovert, I am talkative, I am outgoing and will talk to literally anyone, I have done public speaking competitions and spoken In front of over 1000 people, surely that makes me an extrovert?

As life has gone on I have thought about myself more, I am outgoing but as I am reaching my 30th birthday this coming September I think to myself how sick of so many people I get, how their views, their mannerisms and the way they behave just bothers me, people’s lack of compassion for others and those people whose socially portrayed outer being in no way matches the reality.

I read an article recently in issue 13 of breath magazine.

“Are you a kindrovert? If you wouldn’t describe yourself as an extrovert – but not strictly an introvert either – you might be part of a tribe you’ve never even heard of…”

A kindrovert is someone who will happily listen as much as they will share, they will come alive in a real conversation and would rather stay silent that sit around and talk about nothing.

I feel that the act of being a kindrovert is about being both mindful and showing kindness. It’s about meeting kindred spirits and sparking one another’s creativity with love, positivity and genuine enthusiasm. It’s knowing when not to criticise people, when to show support and when to walk away from people, places and things you aren’t interested in.

Sounding a little selfish there I know, but I feel that it’s true for us all, if we spend so much time as part of a big group, being part of the “in” crowd and playing up to the social ideals we have set for us then are we really being true to ourselves? Do we have time to be mindful and look for deeper meanings in our life, deeper emotional connections with the people we do what in our lives? How can you be you when you are just another face in the crowd. I very much believe that it’s all about the quality of relationships and not the quantity.

Being yourself is so crucial to making real connections in life but also you need to get to know yourself. Know who you what to be, your ideals, your hopes, dreams, aspirations. Know the kind of people you what in your life and just as importantly know the kind of people you don’t want in your life, look at life around you think, what aren’t you willing to put up with any longer? What aren’t you willing to compromise on? Who do you not want to put up with any longer?

Having had some time to think it over I defiantly am a kindrovert, I’m outgoing and confident but I have limits to the kind of relationships I have in my life. I love meeting ladies who can talk about the issues of the world and also make me laugh, I take time to feel comfortable but when I do I open up and join in the debate.

you don’t need validation

You don’t need to be liked by everyone

You don’t need all the attention

You can be wonderful and marvelous and make a difference to those around you by simply being you, show kindness, respect others and love the life you have… Because when it comes down to it, we only get one chance at this thing we call life.


Love Laura x

Just do you

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