About Me

Hello and welcome to our home.

My name is Laura, i’m a wife, a nurse, a vintage visual merchandiser, a traveller, a baker and a happy home maker. I live in Killyleagh Northern Ireland in our home, Dibney cottage, with my husband Neil, our puppy Riley and our beta fish cooper who we call coop for short.

Originally from Belfast I moved to the country when I fell in love with Neil, we bought our home and the rest they say is history. Our life together, like most has its ups and downs but through it all we are happy together. Our cottage has seen lots of changes in recent times and it really is a labour of love for us, our home is the place we feel most comfortable, the place we are happiest, our own little piece of the world.

In my day to day life I am a full time Nursing sister, working in a Dementia unit. I cannot begin to express the utter love I have for my calling in life (I begrudge calling it a job). I love going to work, even though some days the 6am wake up call wakes me from the nicest of sleeps. Don’t get me wrong, its not always fun, its not always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I pride myself on loving what I do, I give it my all and try to make it the best environment it can be. I have always said for the longest time I was defined as being a nurse. I now come to realise, A nurse has always been who and what I wanted to be, I am a nurse, but I now realise I have room in my life to be so much more.

I started my blog in 2017 after feeling trapped in my creativity, not being able to express the things I had going on and the person I always saw myself being. This time has been amazing. I have met so many lovely people and really feel like my life has become happier and more fulfilled.

I work part time in a vintage store in Belfast doing visual merchandising, I bake more, I take more pictures, I smile more, I cry more. My life as I say has many ups and downs and I talk about it all. so I hope you enjoy reading all about this little thing we call life


The adventure continues

Love Laura xx