A sense of style?

I’m not generally one for giving fashion advice and to be honest I have made some serious fashion faux pas in my time, however as I have gone on in life I have discovered my own sense of style, my own idea of what suits me and I have truly discovered what makes me happy when it comes to the clothes I wear and that thing we call fashion.




I have a mixed bag of things in my wardrobe from new to vintage, Biba to primark, I have a love of all things fashion. I wear a plus size usually a 16-18, when I was younger I always found it so hard to find clothes to fit me, with a larger bust and short leg I usually ended up with the most plain and boring of outfits, however as time has gone on and a size 16-18 is now more accepted as an average size and the high street has expanded their ranges, so many shops now go up to a size 18 in store and even go up into larger sizes online. At times I find myself needing to go online for a larger size particularly when it comes to shirts due to my bust size.



My beautiful Matthew williamson dress which I had shortened due to it being so long ot did not suit my 5foot 3 inch stature.

I have my own way of dressing and to be honest I have found that I am not one to follow the trends of the high street, I wear what I like and like what I wear. I love feeling comfortable in fashion and dressing up is something I adore, I have been known on occasion to just spend a few hours trying on new outfits and parading about asking Neil’s opinion. I love mixing new and old and seeing what shoes and accessories work with what I am wearing, AS an adult I have discovered a love of dress up

I have a great many vintage items in my wardrobe and they are amongst my favourite pieces in my clothing collection. I look at my clothes not just as clothes but as pieces I love, I look at them and remember where I have worn them, the memories I have of them and the feelings I felt wearing them, I wouldn’t go as far as to refer to my clothes as friends but to me they symbolise beauty, love and happiness. They are little gems that warm my soul. My wedding dress was even pre loved and it, to me, made it so much more special.



I have always had a love of all things old and it started with a love of old books. I have a few old books that I just adore and I really love when I find books with personal messages inside. I have one book that tells the story of Florence Nightingale, inside the cover is a message, the book was given to a girl called Christine on her nursing graduation in 1960 from her Aunt Sheila and Uncle Teddy. Being a nurse myself it is something that I have come to treasure. I love that things as well as people can have a past and a history and I love wondering where they have been before and the stories they hold.

Naturally I then found and interests in other vintage items, mostly clothes. I have a few beautiful dresses and when I wear them I love the way they make me feel. The fact that someone else has worn them and the stories they hold fascinate me, I do often wear the clothes and wonder who wore them, where did they go? What did they do? Did they have the most amazing and life changing experience in the dress? Did they fall in love? I do try to think of the positive because who wants to wear clothes thinking someone wore it before and had the worst night of their life in it!


A little bit of Granny Chic

I have had a few criticisms in my time about the clothes I have, specifically the vintage ones, some of them are a little outlandish but that’s the point, I buy what makes me happy and I wear it with pride and such excitement that I get to add to the story of the clothes. I believe that life can be tough and dull at times so why not enjoy and have fun with what you wear.


My latest autumnal obsession

I have always had a fascination with being a little out there, I don’t ever wear what everyone else wears, I don’t follow the current styles, I don’t read style magazines because as I have said time and time again style is personal and is something that you can’t really get from a magazine or a celebrity. I do have a range of things in my wardrobe and really on a day-to-day basis I wear the usual Jeans, t-shirts, shirts and jumpers but I do like to add in my own little quirks to all my outfits, I wear a lot of brooches, scarves and have a slight obsession with Tatty Devine, because who doesn’t love a bit of perspex?


Obsessed with the front and back!

Shoes are also a major part of my fashion and I have been known to choose my shoes before I choose an outfit, including my wedding shoes! I always think if you have an amazing pair of shoes you can conquer the world.


My wedding shoes were a partcular hit on our wedding day in Belfast City Hall

I have one vintage piece that I could never in a million years part with, I found it in the Rusty Zip in Belfast which is now the red cross vintage retro. It is a shirt dress which is vintage French connection, it really caught my eye when I saw it and I fell so deeply in love with it that I just had to have it. It is amazing and I get endless compliments when I wear it, either I wear it as a dress or as an open shirt with jeans, it really would be one of my favourite pieces in my collection.



I am turned 29 last  week and I have realised that over the past 4-5 years I have completely come into my own when it comes to my style. I have a lot of my own ideas when it comes to what looks good on me and I am sure not everyone would agree with what I call fashion but I say Styles, trends, en vogue? … I think it’s better to just do you.
Love Laura x

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